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Grouting with probe

Grouting with probe is the good solution for basement reinforcement, stopping of sinking of buildings, and cavity filling.


During grouting with probe the grouting probe, by drilling down, is sent to the location to be reinforced up to the defined depth, in the desired diameter.

Via the probes, the necessary Geopur material volume is grouted, using high pressure grouting pumps.

The Geopur grouting material penetrates into the structure, where it solidifies and seals/plugs ramifying like a root, and forms an integrated load-bearing geo-composite from the loose soil structure, resulting in a correct reinforcement of the basement and stopping of sinking of buildings. 

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We look forward to receiving your enquiries in case of sinking of buildings, reinforcement of basements, stoppage of sinkage or depression, basement stabilization, water insulation, sealing, micro-pilling, anchoring.

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