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Nader Group 2000 Ltd’s core activity is the application grouting and anchoring technologies, grouted micro-pilling and probe grouting benefiting from the unique properties of plastic-based Geopur and other special materials, which proved to be an effective solution of various types of geotechnical problems

Having 19 years of experience in the field our aim is to provide the best services to our clients, using state-of-the-art technology, first class construction and performance.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries in case of sinking of buildings, reinforcement of basements, stoppage of sinkage or depression, basement stabilization, water insulation, sealing, micro-pilling, anchoring

Areas of application

  • Reinforcement and reparation of the basements of various buildings, concrete establishments
  • Statically reinforcing of buildings (cracks in arches  and walls, etc.) stoppage of sinking or depression of buildings
  • Fixing of rock and soil anchors
  • Stoppage of soil slippage (stopping of further water penetration, and stabilization and reinforcement of the soil layer displacement
  • Reinforcement of earth dams (elimination of leakage and water jets)
  • Stoppage of ground water flow or gas leakage
  • Environmental protection via sealing grouting blocking the spread and absorption of  leaking harmful materials of waste storage systems
  • Sealing and closing of water jets (e.g. : underground tunnels, mining flights)
  • Sealing of cracks or points on concrete storage tanks, hazardous material storage tanks, separation from the ground water
  • Water sealing of underground structures and cellars

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